Dr. Torres-Verdín is an invited speaker for Formation Evaluation and Geosteering Workshop 2019

Current position: professor, the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Presentation title: Numerical modeling and inversion strategies of borehole geophysical measurements to improve the quantification of in-situ storage and flow properties of rocks

About the Speaker: Carlos Torres-Verdín received a Ph.D. in Engineering Geoscience from the University of California at Berkeley in 1991. During 1991-1997, he held the position of Research Scientist with Schlumberger-Doll Research. From 1997-1999, he was Reservoir Specialist and Technology Champion with YPF (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Since 1999, Dr. Torres-Verdín has been affiliated with the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering of the University of Texas at Austin, where he is currently Full Professor, and holds the Brian James Jennings Memorial Endowed Chair in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering.

Dr. Torres-Verdín is the founder and director of the Research Consortium on Formation Evaluation at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the recipient of the Cockrell School of Engineering’s 2016-2017 Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Award for Excellence in Engineering Teaching, the 2014 Gold Medal for Technical Achievement from the SPWLA, the 2008 Formation Evaluation Award from the SPE, the 2006 Distinguished Technical Achievement Award from the SPWLA, and the 2019 Anthony Lucas Gold Medal from the SPE. He is a Distinguished Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Honorary Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), and receiver of the Conrad Schlumberger Award from the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).