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    Past Events

    Geosteering workshop for IOR 2018

    11.06.2018-12.06.2018, Bergen, Norway

    The geosteering workshop for IOR was the first extended meeting in the project Geosteering for IOR. It has set the course to including more academic and industrial organizations into the research and knowledge exchange on the subject.

    Group photo at the conference dinner

    Formation Evaluation and Geosteering Workshop 2019

    05.11.2019-06.11.2019, Sola Strand Hotel, Stavanger, Norway

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    Due to high cost of the offshore operations in rough environment, the North Sea are in the top league for development of cutting-edge technologies for formation evaluation and geosteering. Many innovative solutions pioneered for the North Sea are now commercially available worldwide. Extensive research, technology development and investments in new equipment continue to remain the key factors that provide more value for each well delivered and maintain the North Sea`s competitiveness on the global market. Thus, NFES and NORCE believe that the Oil Capital of Norway (Stavanger) is a perfect arena for bringing together the people and sharing the ideas that would drive the oil industry forward for the next decades.

    The workshop will take place at Sola Strand Hotel. The event is supported by:

    Program of the workshop

    The program will consist of 2 invited speakers, 5 plenary sessions, a poster session, and 2 interactive activities. The workshop will include complimentary lunches and conference dinner on November 5.

    Invited speakers

    1. Monica Vik Constable, Project Leader Subsurface Illumination, Equinor.
      Title: Geosteering – The Past, Present and Future
    2. Carlos Torres-Verdin, Professor, UT Austin.
      Title: Numerical modeling and inversion strategies of borehole geophysical measurements to improve the quantification of in-situ storage and flow properties of rocks

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    The workshop is now open for registration. The registration fee includes access to the program of the workshop, lunch on both days and the conference dinner on November 5. Please, follow the link to our partner website Digitroll to fulfill the payment and select your correct registration type:

    • General registration: NOK 2500*
    • NFES member for 2019 in good standing: NOK 2500*, includes NFES membership for 2020
    • Student (confirmation of student status would be required at the venue): NOK 500*

    * Pricing dependence on registration date. To get the best price register before October 6. For late or drop-in registration, please contact the organizers.

    Submit an abstract now and do not miss chance to show your new result in the poster session!

    Hotel booking

    The Sola Strand Hotel can be reserved from 4th to 7th of November using the special rate for the workshop (NOK 1295). We advice to book your hotel in advance since the number of the available rooms is limited. The reservation can be placed until the extended deadline: October 17.

    Other things to do in Stavanger


    Event Deadline
    Evaluation results are sent out (contact us if you did not recieve the email) August 30, 2019
    Speaker confirmation deadline September 4, 2019
    Registration opens September 12, 2019
    Deadline for late poster abstracts While there is room in the poster session
    Early registration closes October 6, 2019
    Hotel reservation expires October 17, 2019
    Online registration closes October 27, 2019
    Workshop dates November 5-6, 2019

    Abstract submission

    The poster session is now full and new submissions will not be accepted

    To accommodate more diverse presentations into the workshop program, the committee has decided to include a poster session to the program. The poster session is designed to diversify the program and facilitate small-group discussions during the workshop. It gets dedicated 90 minutes in the program on day 2, but the posters would be available to the participants during breaks throughout the workshop. If you are coming to the workshop and have something to show, please submit your abstract for the consideration. The technical committee will consider new submissions while we have room in the poster session.

    Organizing committee

    • Sergey Alyaev, Senior Scientist at NORCE, PM Geosteering for IOR
    • Mathias Horstmann, Principal Domain Petrophysicist at Schlumberger Norway / President NFES
    • David Selvåg Larsen, Global Reservoir Navigation Service Technical Lead at Baker Hughes, a GE company / VP Program NFES
    • Dler Mirza, Senior Petrophysicist at Aker BP / VP Member NFES
    • Per Atle Olsen, Leading Advisor at Equinor

    Technical evaluation committee

    • Nils-Andre Aarseth, Aker BP
    • Per Atle Olsen, Equinor
    • Erich Suter, NORCE
    • Gianbattista Tosi, Vår Energi
    A local chapter of SPWLA

    Geosteering competition the NORCE way

    02.11.2020 (starting day), Online

    Link to announcement

    The new competition will be open for participation after Virtual Highlight of the Third EAGE/SPE Geosteering Workshop. We encourage you to register and join the event for free at the EAGE website.

    You can find the scores of the previous competition here.


    This work was supported by the research project ‘Geosteering for Improved Oil Recovery’ (NFR-Petromaks2 project no. 268122) which is funded by the Research Council of Norway, Aker BP, Vår Energi, Equinor and Baker Hughes Norway.

    • The Research Council of Norway
    • Aker BP
    • Equinor
    • Vår Energi
    • Baker Hughes

    Geosteering competition the Norce way 2020

    10.11.2020 (end date), Online

    Online GEOSTEERING competition the NORCE way 2020 is now finished

    >>>> Click here to view the results! <<<<

    You can still steer your wells and challenge your friends to beat your score!

    [link to the geosteering competition platform]

    Get unique prizes in three ways!

    1. Beat everyone in three rounds to be the King/Queen of geosteering! (the score is assessed by three best consecutive rounds).
    2. Fill in the survey after 3 rounds and get lucky to get the research-supporter prize!
    3. Challenge your friends on social media and get lucky to get the bonus social prize!

    All winners get:

    • A personal wood-engraved certificate*
    • Limitless respect within the category
    • One-month subscription to OpenLab Drilling: Probably the most advanced drilling web-based drilling simulator. (2500$ value)
    A paper/wood-engraved personal prize from the competition in 2019. In 2020 we will have tame to do deep engraving. 

    *The prizes are shipped within the reach of Norwegian post service.

    Link to the Open-Source API for robots

    In case of technical issues or questions, please contact us. The competition ends 15:30 EST on November 10 2020.

    The video instruction from Virtual Highlight: Third EAGE/SPE Geosteering Workshop

    Prize sponsors:

    ----===== NORCE =====----
    -== OpenLab Drilling ==-


    This work was supported by the research project ‘Geosteering for Improved Oil Recovery’ (NFR-Petromaks2 project no. 268122) which is funded by the Research Council of Norway, Aker BP, Vår Energi, Equinor and Baker Hughes Norway.

    • The Research Council of Norway
    • Aker BP
    • Equinor
    • Vår Energi
    • Baker Hughes