Online GEOSTEERING competition the NORCE way 2020 is now finished

>>>> Click here to view the results! <<<<

You can still steer your wells and challenge your friends to beat your score!

[link to the geosteering competition platform]

Get unique prizes in three ways!

  1. Beat everyone in three rounds to be the King/Queen of geosteering! (the score is assessed by three best consecutive rounds).
  2. Fill in the survey after 3 rounds and get lucky to get the research-supporter prize!
  3. Challenge your friends on social media and get lucky to get the bonus social prize!

All winners get:

A paper/wood-engraved personal prize from the competition in 2019. In 2020 we will have tame to do deep engraving. 

*The prizes are shipped within the reach of Norwegian post service.

Link to the Open-Source API for robots

In case of technical issues or questions, please contact us. The competition ends 15:30 EST on November 10 2020.

The video instruction from Virtual Highlight: Third EAGE/SPE Geosteering Workshop

Prize sponsors:

----===== NORCE =====----
-== OpenLab Drilling ==-


This work was supported by the research project ‘Geosteering for Improved Oil Recovery’ (NFR-Petromaks2 project no. 268122) which is funded by the Research Council of Norway, Aker BP, Vår Energi, Equinor and Baker Hughes Norway.

  • The Research Council of Norway
  • Aker BP
  • Equinor
  • Vår Energi
  • Baker Hughes