Monica Vik Constable is an invited speaker for Formation Evaluation and Geosteering Workshop 2019 .

Current position: Project Leader Subsurface Illumination, Equinor  

Presentation title: Geosteering - The Past, Presence and Future

About the speaker: Monica Vik Constable started working in the oil industry in 1997 as a wireline field engineer for Schlumberger. She joined Statoil in 2005 as a Petrophysicist and was a Leading Advisor in Petrophysics in Statoil from 2009 – 2014. She is currently working in the research group in Equinor as a manager for the subsurface illumination project, focusing on a portfolio of technologies aiming at an ambitious 3D visualization of the subsurface while drilling, and deliver automated high-resolution 3D-models in real time for optimal well placement, drilling optimization, improved reservoir management and geohazard avoidance.

Monica was distinguished speaker of the SPWLA on the matter with her engagement in “looking ahead of the bit while drilling: from vision to reality” and she has been overseeing the implementation of look ahead and look around resistivity measurements in Equinor.