The competition was held from November 2 to November 10 and has attracted some attention:

Read our technical paper about the geosteering competition platform here.

All wells drilled in one of the rounds along with the true subsurface for that round

We are giving prizes in three categories

Over the next week we will be reaching out to the winners to give them a one-month license for OpenLab Drilling and engraved certificates. ‌

The random winners were picked using @alin256's fork of javascript-winwheel open-source project.

Research-supporter prize

Research supporter prize is randomly selected among the participants who completed at least three rounds and gave feedback in a survey.  

Press to see the winner!

Bonus social prize

Bonus social prize is randomly selected among those who shared their scores on social media and challenged their friends.

Press to see the winner! There were not too many participants in this category...

King / Queen of geosteering under uncertainty 2020

This is given to the participant who had the highest rating in three consecutive rounds. Uranium.iNC put themselves on top by steering through 274 rounds!

The AI bot described in Alyaev et al. [2019] took the 9th place getting only one attempt for each round.

Prize sponsors

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