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Why become a sponsor

When you are a corporate sponsor you get high visibility in a qualitative and uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out. The workshop program will offer a diverse menu that will help you reach your target audience.

Sponsoring opportunities

With an array of unique promotional opportunities, we can help you to enhance your company’s experience at the first joint Formation Evaluation and Geosteering Workshop.

Sponsorship Tears

Full Event Sponsor

(NOK 30 000)

Lunch and Coffee Break Sponsor (exclusive, 2 available)

(NOK 10 000 - one day; NOK 16 500 - both days)

Workshop Dinner Sponsor (exclusive)

(NOK 20 000)

Workshop Lanyard Sponsor (exclusive)

(NOK 10 000 + providing your own branded lanyard incl. badge holder)

Sponsorship opportunities are not restricted to the packages above.
We would be delighted to explore alternative ideas to fit your budget.

If you require further information, please contact

General information about the organizers

The Norwegian Formation Evaluation Society (NFES) is your local Norwegian chapter of the SPWLA. The purpose of the society is to contribute to the development of the science of Formation Evaluation in Norway. This is mainly achieved through the arrangement of monthly technical meetings and organizing seminars on selected subjects. These arrangements give you an opportunity to meet with colleagues from oil and service companies, universities and research institutes to discuss matters of common interest. In addition, the NFES Fund finances research projects, supports publications and awards members who publish papers or make particularly strong contributions to the development of Formation Evaluation.


NORCE is a Norwegian non-profit research institute, with expertise in a wide range of fields and strong communities of knowledge. We deliver research and innovation in energy, health care, climate, the environment, society and technology. Our solutions address key challenges for society and contribute to value creation on the local, national and global levels.

NORCE Energy conducts research in the field of oil/gas and renewable forms of energy, with a focus on cost-efficient, safe energy production that guarantees the lowest CO2 footprint possible during the green shift.