Felix, Luis, Ressi and Pauline are our first PhD students in the DigiWells centre.

Ressi will work towards geosteering initiative.

Ressi Bonti Muhammad

PhD topic: Sequential decision analysis in drilling and geosteering

Affiliation: University of Stavanger
Supervisor: Reidar Brumer Bratvold
Co-Supervisor: Sergey Alyaev
Associated Epic: Real-time decision making in drilling and geosteering
Period: 2021-2024

I come from Indonesia. My BSc is from Bandung Institute of Technology in Petroleum engineering. I recently graduated and earned my master’s degree from NTNU, also in Petroleum engineering.

Develop and improve a decision support system (DSS) that provides optimization-based decisions under geological uncertainty during drilling and geosteering. One of the main goals of the project is to include reinforcement learning (RL) for the DSS. Instead of building the model ourselves, we would like to develop a decision-maker/agent by training it directly on the environment, or in this case the drilling operation in the subsurface. The subsurface during a drilling operation remains uncertain, especially ahead of the bit. We try to reduce this uncertainty using the Bayes’ theorem and its discrete approximations: Ensemble Kalman Filter, particle filter, etc.